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Environmental Studies


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The minor in Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that may be pursued by students majoring in any discipline. The required course-work provides students the opportunity to consider the relationship between people and the environment from social, cultural, economic, political, ethical and scientific perspectives.



Who takes environmental studies?
Some students choose to minor in Environmental Studies in order to prepare for a career in an environmental field such as environmental law, environmental policy and planning, environmental geology, wildlife biology, fisheries, forestry, conservation biology, marine biology, environmental chemistry or environmental medicine. Others may pursue the minor simply because they want to learn more about the relationship between people and the planet.

Hands-on experience
A distinctive feature of Environmental Studies at Millsaps is its emphasis on hands-on experience in the form of field courses, environmental research, or internships. Field courses at Millsaps offer a variety of experiences, from research on geology in Alaska to archeological explorations in Yucatán to research on the ecology and archaeology of Virginia's Blue Ridge. There are also various opportunities for environmental internships in the Jackson area where many environmental agencies and organizations maintain state or regional offices.

For more information

Debora Mann, Ph.D.
Director of Environmental Studies
Box 150307
Millsaps College
Jackson, MS 39210-0001
FAX: 601-974-1401