Sort through the melting pot.

The American studies program focuses on the culture and civilization of the United States and includes the study of history, literature, politics, art, philosophy, music, and religion. This is a great minor if you are a curious student who wants to cross-traditional disciplinary borders.

The American studies minor allows you to examine the intersections of American political, cultural, and social life through courses from across numerous disciplines. Choosing to minor in American studies enables you become better acclimated with topics, controversies, and scholarship that permeate America’s social and cultural fabric.

Professors encourage the free exchange of ideas and interpretations. You will come to understand that the really important historical questions—the “why” questions—have no single right answer, but that all interpretations must be judged on the basis of the evidence that is offered to support them. By learning how to analyze and write about the past, you will make positive contributions to classes in other disciplines, too, including the arts, science, and business.

If you pursue a minor in American studies, you can choose from a variety of electives that range from Modern Art to American Political Thought.


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