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At Millsaps, you can choose a creative approach and major in studio art, a critical approach and major in art history, or a complementary double major in both studio art and art history. You can earn either a BS or BA, or opt to minor in studio art, digital arts, or art history.

A variety of forms of creative expression are explored in studio art classes, and you will learn to set each within its broader cultural context. In the course of work to earn a studio art major or minor, you will develop a voice and a vision—a new mode of seeing and a new form of communication that involves both a deeper connection and a widened perspective.

The art history program will enrich your understanding of the art of Western civilization by setting it within its broader social and cultural context, and by considering the variety of alternatives and responses to the Western tradition. You will explore artistic meaning through responsive as well as analytical discussion and writing, and learn to trust and strengthen your own voice as you acquire an understanding of the vocabulary and methods of analysis of the discipline of art history.

  • Students who major in studio art have the option of pursuing a concentration in digital arts. A concentration on digital arts focuses on artistic work that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. A minor is available to majors in art history and any other major outside of the Art Department. It is not allowed for majors in studio art.
  • An art history major can be combined with a concentration in museum studies. The combination offers possibilities for employment at a museum.
  • Interested in applying for a Millsaps College Arts Scholarship? Find out more by clicking here.


Sue Carrie Drummond

Sue Carrie Drummond

Assistant Professor of Art; Chair, Art Department

Megan Hines

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow of Art History

Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Assistant Professor of Art

Sarah Williams

Faculty Teaching Fellow in Art History

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