The Millsaps College Biology Department fosters an appreciation for and curiosity about the living world and biological processes, an understanding of how current and historical scientific knowledge was acquired, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills to new questions. With a biology degree, you will be well prepared to enter graduate school, professional schools (such as medical school, dental school, or pharmacy school), or to enter immediate employment after graduation.

Laboratory research opportunities are offered in molecular and cell biology, genetics, microbiology, and developmental biology. Many students perform biomedical research at the nearby University of Mississippi Medical Center. Field research opportunities are offered in ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation biology, both locally and in the American Southwest. The College’s field station at Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve in Yucat√°n, Mexico, also offers opportunities for research.

Recent graduates have pursued degrees in fields as varied as endocrinology, anatomy, physical therapy, ecology, evolutionary biology, pharmacy, nursing, biomedical sciences, marine biology, environmental law, and conservation biology.

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