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Institute for Civic and Professional Engagement at Millsaps CollegeThe Institute facilitates student development along a continuum of engagement from living and learning communities, in-depth student research projects, and study abroad to co-curricular service projects and professional internships. The Institute also helps ensure that Millsaps students graduate with the best classical education and with career goals, civic commitments, and professional skills that equip them for lives of meaning, good citizenship, and leadership.

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1 Campus 1 Community

1 Campus 1 Community connects the Millsaps Community with opportunities for meaningful engagement with Midtown neighborhood, local K–12 public schools, and other organizations throughout Jackson. Established in the fall of 2006, 1C1C embodies a commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between Millsaps College and its off-campus neighbors. A vision of mutual engagement and transformation is at the heart of 1C1C. To build a community, to listen, to not assume, to respond to an articulated need, to break down boundaries, to develop face-to-face relationships, to connect, to learn and grow—that is 1 Campus 1 Community.


Advanced Placement Institute

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Institutes are designed to aid the professional development of secondary Advanced Placement teachers. The subject workshops are conducted by College Board–trained and –endorsed consultants. Millsaps offered its first AP Summer Institute in 1983 and for many years was the only place this training was offered in the state. AP teachers come from all over the state and other states for this institute.


Arts and Lecture Series

The Millsaps Arts and Lecture Series was founded in 1967 as an outreach to the community. Now entering its 50th year, the series provides eight programs on music, history, current events, science, southern writers, art, and more during the academic year. The volunteer board takes a very active role and assists with planning and presenting each program.


Center for Career Education

Our Center encourages student growth and career development as a part of the total education experience. By building connections with employers, graduate/professional schools, and the campus community, the Center for Career Education continues the College’s commitment to excellence and success for each and every student.

Career Counseling

  • Provide career testing and resources
  • Counsel students on choosing a major
  • Assist students and alumni with the decision-making process regarding their career plans
  • Support academic advising


  • Connect with employers and agencies for internships
  • Serve as the hub for posting internships
  • Educate students on obtaining internships and receiving credit
  • Oversee students enrolled in the “internship-for-credit” program

Part-time Work

  • Post on- and off-campus jobs; communicate opportunities to current students
  • Assist faculty, staff, and community members with their postings
  • Advise students on the application process; distribute their applications
  • Host information tables for employers visiting campus

Full-time Employment

  • Connect with employers regarding full-time opportunities
  • Coach students and alumni on the job search process, including branding and networking
  • Post jobs, set up on-campus interviews/info sessions, and refer students and alumni to potential employers
  • Critique résumés, cover letters, and interview skills

Graduate/Professional School

  • Build relationships with graduate school faculty advisors
  • Sponsor special events such as graduate/professional school visits and provide general information about programs
  • Conduct mock interviews for pre-health and other graduate programs
  • Provide graduate admission test resources
  • Assist with personal statements and advise on graduate application process


Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) at Millsaps College partners the strengths of our academic program with our commitment to community building. CEL courses combine discipline-specific classroom content with project-centered experiences. Under the dual guidance of our faculty and the mentorship of community partners, students cultivate knowledge of their course topic alongside practitioners in the field.


Community Enrichment Series

The Millsaps College Community Enrichment Series was begun in 1972 as an effort to serve the Jackson area community through non-credit, informal, and inexpensive educational experiences. The program has grown to three series of classes offered each year—fall, winter, and spring. More than 70 classes are offered each session. Millsaps faculty and staff are among the instructors and participants in the classes, and this program brings many people to the campus.


Great Topics Seminars: Studies in the Humanities and Sciences

The Millsaps Great Topics Seminars, originally named the Leadership Seminars in the Humanities, are designed for serious lifelong learners in the greater Jackson area. These semester-long seminars with a Millsaps professor provide opportunities for serious engagement with intellectual issues affecting society and the individual. More than 400 leaders have taken the seminars since they were established in 1988. A reunion weekend seminar for past participants is also held each year with a Millsaps professor presenting.


Summer Enrichment Camps

The Millsaps Continuing Education Office offers a variety of summer enrichment camps including chamber music and guitar camps, a song and stage camp, a birding camp in conjunction with the Audubon Society, art camps, and a workshop for high school students on strengthening reading and writing skills for college.


Vocation, Ethics, and Society

The Vocation, Ethics, and Society (VESO) program provides an opportunity for students to define their identities by connecting academic knowledge with concrete experiences. VESO Fellows undertake academic courses, internships, and travel to expand their cultural and ethical understandings of the world in which they will live and work.



Wellspring is a living and learning community for students who want to make volunteering a regular part of their college life. Wellspringers volunteer two hours each week with community partner whose mission fit their interests (an elementary school, a community garden, a homeless shelter, etc.) and through the year the student and community partner work together on common goals and projects. Students in the Wellspring program share a residence hall and gather regularly as a group with the Director of 1 Campus 1 Community and the 1C1C Fellow to discuss their engagement experiences.


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