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Literature in English majors and minors are passionate about what they’re reading. Our curriculum reflects both respect for intellectual traditions and an appreciation for the way those traditions have been transformed by the inclusion of other voices. As you learn how to interpret complex texts, relating them to each other and to various traditions, as well as to meaningful cultural and cross-cultural contexts, you will become an insightful reader, a perceptive critic, and an expert writer. Such skills are essential to living productive and imaginative lives, providing excellent preparation for careers in journalism, law, and teaching, as well as advertising, business, public or private sector service, and even medicine, to name some of the most popular choices of those who major in literature in English.

Members of the Millsaps English department faculty have varied interests, ranging from Shakespeare to the Romantic poets, from the Victorian novel to Southern, African-American, and Post-Colonial writers, and from modernist fiction, drama, and poetry, to contemporary writers and the art of adaptation, turning fiction into film.

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The English House provides the location for most of the offices of the English faculty, while offering a place for formal and informal gatherings of students and faculty.


Elizabeth E. Egan

Assistant Professor and Director of the Centers of Academic Success and Excellence

Laura E. Franey

Associate Professor of English

Eric J. Griffin

Janice B. Trimble Professor and Chair of English, Director, Latin American Studies Program

Anne C. MacMaster

Professor of English

Michael Pickard

Eudora Welty Chair of Southern Literature and Associate Professor and Chair of English

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