Majors and Minors

Students navigate their way through programs of study with the Compass Curriculum.

A major at Millsaps is a specialized course of study required of all students, offering the opportunity to focus in depth on a particular discipline. It usually consists of 32–48 hours of course work specified by a particular department, in addition to the prescribed work for the degree. A student must have a minimum of 16 semester hours in a department in order to qualify for a minor.

Pre-professional programs at Millsaps focus on engineering, pre-med, nursing, pharmacy, education, law, and ministry. Millsaps has developed innovative partnerships supporting these programs.


Accounting (BBA, MAcc)
African-American Studies
American Studies
Art—Art History (BA or BS) (Optional concentration in museum studies)
Art—Digital Arts (BA or BS)
Art—Museum Studies    
Art—Studio Art (BA or BS) (Optional concentration in digital arts)
Biochemistry (BA or BS)
Biology (BA or BS)
Business Administration (BBA, MBA, EMBA)
Chemistry (BA or BS)
Chemistry (BA or BS) (American Chemical Society General, Organic, or Biochemistry Track)
Christian Studies  
Communication Studies (BA or BS)  
Creative Writing (BA or BS)  
Economics (BA or BS) (With tracks in business, quantitative, or policy economics)  
Education Studies    
English (Literature in English) (BA or BS)  
Environmental Science (BA or BS)    
European Studies (BA)  
Film Studies    
Geology (BA or BS)  
Geophysics (BA or BS)    
Government and Politics (BA or BS)  
Greek and Roman Studies (BA or BS) (With concentrations in classical civilizations or classical languages)    
Health and Exercise Science  
History (BA or BS)  
Interreligious Encounters  
Jewish Studies    
Latin American Studies (BA or BS)  
Mathematics (BA or BS)  
Mathematics—Applied Mathematics (BA or BS)    
Medical Humanities  
Military Science    
Neurophilosophy (BA or BS)    
Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies (BA or BS)  
Nonprofit Management    
Peace and Justice Studies    
Philosophy (BA or BS)  
Philosophy, Law, and Society  
Philosophy–Religious Studies (BA or BS)    
Politics and Religion (BA or BS)    
Psychology (BA or BS)  
Religious Studies    
Religious Studies/Sociology–Anthropology (BA or BS)    
Self-Designed Major (BA or BS)    
Sociology-Anthropology (BA or BS) (With concentrations in sociology, anthropology, or both)    
Spanish (BA or BS)  
Vocation, Ethics, and Society    
Women’s and Gender Studies    
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