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A degree in mathematics will provide a foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking and learning. Whether you are interested in mathematics for its own sake or applications of mathematics in a particular subject, the Millsaps College Department of Mathematics provides opportunities to develop quantitative reasoning, problem solving, and other skills. The department supports two majors: mathematics and applied mathematics. Many mathematics majors pursue graduate school while others find careers in industry or government. A major in applied mathematics will provide a thorough grounding in mathematical methods that underlie the physical, engineering, and biological sciences. Employers seek mathematics majors regardless of the particular work involved because of their ability to solve problems. Banks and investment firms, insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and publishing firms are some of the employment opportunities available to math majors.

Students who major in mathematics frequently go on to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, medicine, engineering, actuarial science, business, and law.

The department is committed to providing a program of instruction that will achieve goals in four areas: quantitative literacy of our graduates, service to other departments, service to the major, and your own personal development.

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The Mathematics Department ensures that you will be provided quality instruction in the major areas of your discipline, makes you aware of current issues and active research areas, and prepares you to be competitive in the workplace and in graduate and professional schools.


Gayla F. Dance

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Mark J. Lynch

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Emlee W. Nicholson

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Pre-Engineering Advisor

Alex Rice

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tracy Sullivan

Tracy L. Sullivan

Instructor of Mathematics

Yang Wang

Yan Wang

Associate Professor of Mathematics

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