Nonprofit Management

A minor in nonprofit management at Millsaps will focus on how fundraising, effective
leadership, and financial management can improve the organization and operation of
a nonprofit. This minor will provide knowledge that will be useful in leading and
working for whatever cause you may choose.

Millsaps graduates who minor in nonprofit management work in a variety of fields,
including the nonprofit sector, nongovernmental agencies, and business.

Minor in Nonprofit Management

The minor requires the following four courses (click on the course title to view a

  • ACCT 2000 Principles of Financial Accounting (4 sem. hours).

    The basic concepts, systems, and terminology of accounting data in modern accounting
    leading to the interpretation for decision making by external users. The course emphasizes
    understanding of general purpose financial statements. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.
    Offered every year during the fall and spring semesters.

  • MGMT 2000 Introduction to Management (4 sem. hours).

    Provides an introduction to the arts and sciences of management. Theories of organization
    structure, communication, and managerial decision making are addressed. Particular
    emphasis is given to organizational behavior. Additionally, a detailed analysis is
    made of the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions. Prerequisite:
    Sophomore standing. Offered during the fall semester.

  • MRKT 3000 Principles of Marketing (4 sem. hours).

    Consideration of pricing, promoting, and distributing products and services to satisfy
    buyers’ needs in an ethical and socially responsible manner, with particular attention
    to the impact of demographic, economic, social, environmental, political, legal, regulatory,
    and technological forces on domestic and global organizational marketing systems.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Offered during the fall semester.

  • ADMN 4060 Management of Nonprofit Organizations (4 sem. hours).

    This course focuses on competencies and knowledge needed to lead a nonprofit organization.
    Topics include nonprofit strategic planning, board governance, legal compliance, fundraising,
    building strategic alliances, and assessing program and effectiveness. Prerequisites:
    ACCT 2000, MGMT 2000, MRKT 3000.

An additional course is required of student choice, but it must be in the Else School.
If the student wishes, this additional course may include an internship in a nonprofit

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