Peace and Justice Studies Requirements

Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

Requirements for a minor: Students may complete a minor in Peace and Justice Studies with five courses in at least three different disciplines (20 hrs.). At least three of the courses must be chosen from the list below. Two additional courses may come from this list or may be from “peace and justice friendly” courses which are announced each semester. These courses must contain 50% content on issues of peace and/or justice. Students may not earn college credit for both PEAC 2000: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies and for FYCS 1010: Is Peace Possible? One or the other may be counted toward the minor.

  • PEAC 2000: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies OR FYCS 1010: Is Peace Possible
  • COMM 2400: Communication Ethics
  • COMM 3400: Studies in Intercultural Communication
  • EDUC 3600: Child Development in Context
  • EDUC 3650: Educating Leaders in Peace and Non-Violence
  • HIST 2120: History of Mississippi
  • HIST 3500: Topics in Middle East History
  • PHIL 2120: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 2240: Philosophy of Violence
  • PLSC 2600: Peace, Conflict Resolution, and International Security
  • PLSC 3610-12: International Organizations/Model United Nations
  • RLST 2620: Christian Liberation: Race and Sex
  • RLST 2010: Ethics and Religion
  • SOAN 2120: The Many Dimensions of Poverty
  • Internship with one of the participating departments

Peace and Justice Studies can complement almost any major from political science to religious studies.

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