The pre-engineering program at Millsaps College may be combined with an applied math, chemistry, geosciences, biology, or physics major. Through our partnerships with the Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University, the University of Mississippi and Columbia University, you can combine the very best of a Millsaps education with specialized engineering studies. Dr. Emlee Nicholson, associate professor of mathematics and the pre-engineering advisor at Millsaps, can help you craft courses of study that best fit your career interests and specific program requirements.

“You need critical thinking and problem-solving skills to be a successful engineer, and your Millsaps experience is intentionally designed to develop those skills,” says Nicholson. “Strong writing and communication skills are also essential. Millsaps has a world class humanities faculty that will help you become a skilled communicator, because you simply need more than engineering content knowledge.”

The learning environment at Millsaps, combined with strong advising from Dr. Nicholson, is built to guide you throughout your time here.

“The bottom line is that, at Millsaps, you will get the support and attention from faculty that you cannot expect at a large institution,” Nicholson says. “We have small classes and our teaching styles are centered around our students. You will leave Millsaps with a strong math and science foundation, and be well-prepared to apply it to engineering problems.”