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Freshman Year:

  • Take introductory Biology or Chemistry classes
  • Contact prehealth@millsaps.edu for updates and to make advising appointments.
  • Become actively involved in extracurricular activities (especially in volunteer and leadership activities, e.g. Habitat for Humanity, afterschool programs for elementary and high-school students and health-related volunteering)
  • Think about doing a medical mentorship program
  • Consider research opportunities

Sophomore Year:

  • Make sure pre-medical requirements are being satisfied, as well as core classes
  • Inquire about Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, and other honoraries
  • Medical mentorship - make sure you do at least one before graduation
  • Continue with extracurriculars and volunteer
  • Declare major by end of spring semester
  • Check course requirements of possible schools you may wish to apply
  • If all requirements are met: think about taking the MCAT, Medical College Admission Test between sophomore and junior year
  • Summer after: begin researching schools of interest

Junior Year:

  • Register for MCAT
  • Take a more in-depth look at possible schools
  • Attend any/all pre-health meetings as provided by the school
  • Set up a pre-health interview with the Pre-Health Committee by spring semester
  • Begin thinking about essay question answers for application
  • Finish up pre-health requirements
  • Compile a resume of all activities, volunteer, academic honors, etc.
  • Keep up with any volunteer work, fellowships, internships and medical mentorships
  • Talk to professors about letters of recommendations
  • Make sure to get transcripts sent in enough advanced time
  • Fill out AMCAS, American Medical College Application Service

Senior Year:

  • Turn in applications within plenty of time of the deadline - Review the AMCAS Letters of Recommendation Instructions to see if you qualify.
  • Keep a check on dates and requirements for all applications
  • Transcripts in advance time
  • Keep grades and activities up