The Strategic Plan for Millsaps College

Of the students of Millsaps College, Pulitzer-Prize winning editor, journalist and author Hodding Carter Jr. said, “They go because Millsaps challenges their souls.”

He continued, “There is not an institution in the country that cannot learn something from this little school in Mississippi … it is a candle burning in the darkness.”

Millsaps College has illuminated this path for over 130 years, resolutely dedicated to its mission of academic excellence, open inquiry and free expression, the exploration of faith to inform vocation and the innovative shaping of the social, economic and cultural progress of the region.

The college’s 2012 strategic plan took Millsaps across the street and around the globe as it focused on partnerships and influence in an effort to actively and purposefully engage with and influence communities in its home city of Jackson and beyond.

Propelled by the momentum of these successes, Millsaps College comes home as it looks toward 2027 with the light of its new vision:

In a campus environment that fosters close personal relationships, an empathetic understanding of others and a deep sense of belonging, Millsaps College produces informed, creative thinking and versatile citizens who are career-ready, civically-minded and dedicated to a life of learning, service and meaning within the state of Mississippi and beyond.

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