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Millsaps Alumni Statistics


• 94% of the Class of 2014 reported that they are prepared for the next step in their careers. 75% of the class had secured employment and/or candidacy in a graduate school at the time of graduation. 

• According to the responses from the Class of 2014, those accepted to graduate or professional school were pursuing degrees in the following fields:  

Arts & Humanities – 1%     
Business – 47%      
Law/Government – 4%      
Medicine & Health Sciences – 25%
Science and Engineering – 12%
Theology, Counseling & Education – 11%

• New graduates are attending medical school and other healthcare programs at Hardin Simmons University, Louisiana Tech, LSU Health – New Orleans, University of Mississippi Medical Center, University of Louisville, William Carey University, Baylor, Texas Chiropractic College, LSU, University of Memphis, ATL, and Drexel University.

• The choices for 2014 grads wishing to obtain degrees in teaching, ministry and counseling are Emory University, UNC – Charlotte, Millsaps College, Mississippi State, Loyola University, Pepperdine University, and Ole Miss.

• Those pursuing law school or graduate programs in government and related fields are attending: University of Pennsylvania, William and Mary, and Mississippi College.

• For those attending graduate programs in business, 83% chose Millsaps College for the MBA or MAcc program. Other business programs accepting our recently graduate class are the University of Memphis, Duke University, Belmont University, Ole Miss, and Kennesaw State University.

• Only one 2014 grad chose the arts and humanities route for graduate school, but did not share the name of their Institution with us.  

• The Class of 2014 has chosen to pursue graduate degrees in science or engineering at Ole Miss, the City University of New York, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Vanderbilt, Louisiana Tech, University of Alabama – Birmingham, and Mississippi State University.

• Geographically speaking, only one member of the Class of 2014 secured employment abroad…the Yucatan. The top states for starting careers were MS (62%), TX (15%), and LA (10%).  Other states: TN, WY, and CO.  

• $46,004 was the average full-time salary offered to 2014 graduates, Bachelor and Master levels.

• Directly after graduation, the Class of 2014 went to work in a variety of fields with titles such as Second Grade Teacher, Store Manager, Financial Advisor, Bartender, Partner, Accountant, Investment Banking Financial Analyst, Management Associate, Staff Auditor, Director of Scholarships for Rural Youth, Senior Commercial Underwriter, Chef, Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Relationship Manager.
• Rankin County Schools, Chism Strategies, Tween Brands, Wells Fargo, La Finestra, FedEx, Modern Woodmen of America, JJ Bros LLC, Teach for America, Ernst & Young, Iberia Bank, Baton Rouge General, Industrial Safety Training Council, Grand Teton National Park, Fraternity Collection, SourceLink, and Trustmark National Bank are just a few of the employers who hired members of Millsaps College Class of 2014.

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(Updated July 2014)