The faculty and staff of Millsaps College believe that sound advising of students regarding their academic program is an integral part of our educational mission. While it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to fulfill all of the requirements necessary to the completion of their chosen degree and major, we believe that it is our responsibility to make available appropriate assistance in course selection, choice of major or minor subjects, and selecting any collateral preparation needed to enhance a student’s professional and personal potentials.

What is an academic advisor?

Academic advisors are mentors to their students, helping them to understand the value of academic planning not only as a means of fulfilling degree requirements, but also in the context of setting personal, professional, and intellectual goals and bringing them to fruition. Academic planning is a natural part of the liberal arts education, empowering and enabling students to take responsibility for shaping their own lives.

When does academic advising happen?

Academic advising is not limited to a specific time. Whenever you have questions about your academic progress, career plans, or course selection, make an appointment with your academic advisor to talk about them.

However, there are two specific times during the year when you must make an appointment with your advisor: the preregistration periods during spring and fall, when you choose your courses for the following semester.  Preregistration for spring classes usually takes place in mid-October, and preregistration for fall courses and summer classes usually takes place in early April.

How can I change my advisor?

If you want to change your advisor from the one assigned when you enrolled, you may do so by asking another faculty member to be your advisor. If they agree, print a “Change of Advisor” form from the records office, fill it out completely, and ask your new advisor to sign it. Once you have turned it in to the records office, your academic advising file will be transferred to your new advisor.

Preparing for Registration

As you look through the course schedule on Major Portal to see what will be offered, think about the following:

  • Consider the degree you want to pursue and what courses will be required. Requirements for each major are listed under the appropriate department in the College Catalog.
  • Watch for an email from the Academic Advising office regarding course registration. All students should be registered by August. Student must meet with their Summer Academic Advisor before registering.

Note: If you are planning to take classes in summer school, discuss them with your Summer Academic Advisor during the summer advising session.

For more information on the registration process, please email advising@millsaps.edu.

Responsibilities of Students

  • Make timely appointments with your advisor and keep them.
  • Read and use the information in the College CatalogMajor Portal, the student handbook Major Facts, the course schedule, and communications from the Office of Records.
  • Prepare for pre-registration meetings by studying published descriptions of requirements, course options, and class schedules.
  • Work with your advisor to define your academic plan and future goals.
  • Use other services on campus such as counseling or the Career Center as needed or when recommended by your advisor.
  • Track your own progress in class and toward your academic goals. Use Student Planning in Major Portal to help you.
  • Ask your advisor questions about majors, campus services, and professors.
  • Decide upon and declare a major course of study as early as possible. At the end of your sophomore year at Millsaps, you will officially declare your chosen academic major.
  • Be familiar with policies pertaining to your academic major as presented in the Catalog.
  • Inform your advisor of situations that cause you to deviate from my curricular plan.
  • Seek out faculty and staff who can assist you with academic and career planning when needed.
  • Read your email and check your post office box on a regular basis so as not to miss important information.
  • Constantly evaluate your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Be an engaged student while at the College.
  • Make decisions based on accurate, verifiable information and take responsibility for your decisions. The ultimate responsibility for meeting academic requirements of the College belongs to you, the student.

About Academic Advisors

  • Incoming fall term freshmen are assigned a “First Year Summer Advisor” that helps them register for courses their first semester at Millsaps. The First Year Summer Advisor either meets with the incoming freshman on campus or speaks with them over the phone to discuss the term’s course offering and student schedule. The registration takes place online with help from the advisor. In addition to the First Year Summer Advisor, incoming freshmen also have another advisor they may reach out to: the Assistant Dean of Student Success, who can be reached at advising@millsaps.edu. Once the freshmen arrive on campus, they are assigned a “General Advisor.” The General Advisor remains their advisor until the student declares their major. Once a student declares their major, they are assigned a “Major Advisor” who remains their advisor throughout the rest of their enrollment at Millsaps College (unless the student changes their major). Transfer students are assigned a “General Advisor” which is the Assistant Dean of Student Success, Dr. Jenni Lewton-Yates. Dr. Lewton-Yates assists transfer students in registering online for their first semester of classes. Non-degree students are also assisted by the Records Office.
  • For new and continuing graduate-level students, students are advised by Mrs. Naomi Freeman, Director of Administration for the Graduate School.
  • In addition to the advisors listed above, the student may have other advisors monitoring their academic progress. This can include:
    • Minor Advisor
    • Additional Major Advisor
    • Concentration Advisor
    • Department Chair
    • Divisional Dean
    • Certifying Official

    For any questions about academic advising, contact the Director of Academic Advising and student support. To update your advisor, contact the Office of Records at records@millsaps.edu or 601.974.1120, or file a Change of Advisor form.

Responsibilities of Advisors

  • Develop a working relationship with your students through trust, listening, and communication.
  • Assist students in defining their academic and future goals.
  • Help students develop a schedule that serves their needs and interests.
  • Encourage your students to identify and commit to a major program of study.
  • Provide accurate information about degrees, majors, departments, and pre-professional programs.
  • When necessary, refer students to the counselor, chaplain, or other services for personal concerns outside the realm of academic and career preparation.
  • Refer students to other academic and career support services and activities on campus as needed.
  • Review course changes and other academic transactions requiring an advisor’s signature and recommend appropriate action as required.
  • Monitor the student’s progress in classes and toward goals.
  • Help students to investigate possible links between their academic work and future plans.
  • Allow students to make decisions and thus have ownership of the choice.
  • Keep accurate and complete records of all students advised.

Academic Support Services

Dr. Jennifer Lewton-Yates, Assistant Dean of Student Success and Assistant Professor of Greek and Roman Studies
Phone: 601.974.1327
Email: yatesjl@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center 330

Counseling and Wellness Services

Counseling Services 
Phone: 601.974.1206
Email: counseling@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 3rd Floor

Wellness Center
Phone: 601.974.1207
Email: health@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 1st floor

Academic Advising and Registration

Academic Advising
Dr. Jennifer Lewton-Yates, Assistant Dean of Student Support
Phone: 601.974.1327
Email: yatesjl@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center 330

Darya Bontempo
Phone: 601.974.1235
Email: bontedr@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center 319

Ms. Liz Egan, Director
Phone: 601.974.1308
Email: eganee@millsaps.edu
Location: John Stone Hall

Mrs. Maegan Sayles, Administrative Assistant to the Writing Program
Email: millsapswritingprogram@millsaps.edu
Location: John Stone Hall

Dr. Laura Franey, Acting Director of the Writing Program
Phone: 601.974.1304
Email: franele@millsaps.edu
Location: McRae Christian Center, Office 147

Pre-Professional Advisors

Dr. Emlee W. Nicholson
, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 601.974.1375
Email: nichoe@millsaps.edu

 Kurt Thaw, Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 601.974.1380
Email: thawak@millsaps.edu

Mr. Harvey Fiser
, Dean of the Else School of Management
Phone: 601.974.1268
Email: fiserhl@millsaps.edu

Rev. Dr. Ricky James, Chaplain and Director of Church Relations
Phone: 601.974.1226
Email: ricky.james@millsaps.edu

Ryan Colvin, Director of the Center for Career Education
Phone:  601.974.1346
Email: ryan.colvin@millsaps.edu
Location: Campbell Student Center, 3rd floor

Tutoring Services Offered at Millsaps College

CASE and the Writing Center offer comprehensive academic support and peer tutoring in every subject. Whether you’re studying for a chemistry exam, starting a Heritage paper, or finishing your Senior Thesis, we’ve got resources to help! Book an appointment here.

Peer Support:
There are many peer study groups both within particular classes/majors and within particular groups such as fraternities or athletic teams. Study with your friends—you will learn more yourself by helping someone else!

Academic Recognition at Millsaps College

Recognition for academic excellence is made each semester by the Dean’s and President’s Lists. Students also received departmental honors and recognition annually at the all-college Academic Awards Day ceremony. Graduation with distinction and other high academic awards and recognitions are announced at annually at Commencement.