David C. Davis

David C. Davis

Associate Professor of History


BA, William Carey College; MA, Baylor University; PhD, Northwestern University

“My passion for history developed in high school as I explored slave forts and castles along the coast of Ghana and listened to the stories told by the drummers in the northern regions of that country. The pursuit of this passion has led me on adventures from the Poverty Point mounds of Louisiana to the temples on Bali in Indonesia. My approach to teaching the history of Africa and the Middle East is to try to bring some of those places and faces into the classroom through the ‘artifacts’ left behind by the very folk who lived out those events. The texts they wrote, the weapons they crafted, and the textiles they wove tell us about their world and invite us to share that world. It is from these pieces of evidence that historians ply their craft and try to answer some of the enduring questions of the human condition.”

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