Associate Professor of Music


BMEd, MM, University of Southern Mississippi; DMA, University of Minnesota

My early passion for music began at the age of three, when my parents presented me with a toy piano. Since we lived in a small apartment, a “real” piano was not available until I was ten. Before that time, I continued to play regularly on the little instrument, developing musical skills and a growing appreciation for “making music,” however that could be accomplished.

“My philosophy of teaching reflects the title Adventures in Singing, a text written by Dr. Clifton Ware, one of my voice teachers. Encouraged at Millsaps to follow his passion, Ware began his journey at Millsaps when he majored in philosophy. He has since published several books about singing and teaching.

“Students of voice at Millsaps bring diverse backgrounds and abilities to their study. This diversity gives me the opportunity to guide each student in exploring his or her unique potential, working together to discover his or her passion in music while finding his or her voice. A liberal arts setting provides interaction that connects disciplines within the voice studio, as conversations are initiated about philosophy, psychology, anatomy, acoustical physics, history, poetry, communication, and drama. Not all my students are voice majors, and these topics of discussion can be related to the study of voice.

“The passion for making and sharing music continues to expand with each new student as we begin our journey of adventures in voice together. And the toy piano that started everything for me? It sits today in my studio as a reminder of my own personal journey.”