Faculty Teaching Fellow in Religious Studies


BA, Ankara University; MA, MA, PhD, University of Iowa

I believe that learning about the religions of the world and the different approaches to defining religion is an important part of an undergraduate education. Religion is a topic about which everyone knows, yet this knowledge is often filled with assumptions and generalizations if not misinformation. In my classes, I aim to turn this situation into a learning environment where the main objectives of general education can be accomplished. In addition to making students literate in religion, I employ subject-matter that helps students to develop their ability to read critically and think analytically.

Overall, in my courses I aim to create a student-centered and an interactive classroom encouraging student involvement in class activities and collaborative projects and actualizing deeper learning. I strive to create a classroom where students can own their learning through role-plays, structured debates, student-led discussions, and group projects.

I teach introductory courses to the religions of the world, Islam and Asian religions and advanced topical course on Islam and Chinese religions. Some of the courses that I previously taught are: “Asian Humanities: China,” “Encountering Religion,” “Jesus Meets with Confucius: History of Christianity in China,” “Intro Islam,” and “Islamic Mysticism.”