Associate Professor of Classical Studies


BA, University of Virginia; MA, University of Colorado-Boulder; PhD, Brown University

David Yates is an Assistant Professor of Classics. He teaches Greek and Latin at all levels and several courses on various aspects of ancient Greek and Roman society (for example, War and Society in the Ancient World, Greek and Roman Civilization, and Mythology). He received his PhD from Brown University, an MA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and his BA from the University of Virginia. His research interests are ancient warfare, politics, and memory.

“My favorite part of teaching Classics at Millsaps is showing students the unexpected things about the ancient world—how did it smell, sound, and feel? Fifty students with PVC pipe spears in the Bowl isn’t exactly Spartan warfare, but it leaves students with an excellent sense of the real experience that stood behind the battles we discuss in class. I bring the same attitude to Greek and Latin. It’s not just about how to read Plato, Caesar, or the New Testament in their original languages (though that is pretty rockin’!). It’s also about how languages work generally and the interplay between language and culture that you can only appreciate when you see it from a different perspective.”