Assistant Dean for Student Success; Assistant Professor of Classical Studies


BA, Ohio Wesleyan University; PhD, Brown University

Jennifer Lewton-Yates teaches a variety of courses in the Greek and Roman Studies curriculum, from beginning language and Classical Mythology to advanced readings in Latin and Greek (recent authors include Euripides, Lucian, Apuleius, and Ovid). Lewton-Yates completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio Wesleyan University and is currently finishing her PhD at Brown with a dissertation focusing on the relationship between the Ancient Novels (fabulous stories about lovers separated by shipwrecks and men who get turned into donkeys) and Greek Tragedy (more fabulous stories about wives who have been replaced by ghosts and heroes who rescue their friends from the clutches of Death). “Having thrived on small classes and personalized attention from my professors as an undergraduate, I love being able to offer my students the same type of experience here at Millsaps,” she said. “I like to keep the format of my language classes as flexible as possible. When students ask to read a particular Catullus poem, this tragedy instead of that tragedy, or even a little bit of Latin Harry Potter the answer is almost always yes. ”

When she isn’t teaching Latin or Greek, Lewton-Yates directs the College’s 1 Campus 1 Community Program and the Wellspring Living-Learning community for first-year students.