Associate Professor of Mathematics


BS, Millsaps College; PhD, Louisiana State University

Teaching: “Once students lose their fear of asking questions when they’re confused, my job is done. Although I structure my lecture around what I think may be confusing, they sometimes see it a little differently. But if they’re not afraid to tell me, it’s a win for all of us.”

Research: "Several of my recent ideas have been featured in textbooks (2 in calculus texts). A statistics idea has been the subject of a webinar sponsored by the Journal of Statistics Education (perhaps it will appear in a text, too). I’ve focused my efforts on new ideas that can be shared with undergraduates. My days of exploring twigs on the branches of obscurity are long gone.

Outside Class: "I live in Madison with my wife, two dogs, and a cat on 2.5 acres of a wooded cul-de-sac. I have one son who recently graduated from the Naval Academy as a math major (3.95 GPA). But he isn’t your typical math major…HOOYAH! Currently, my favorite hobby is rappelling. Rappelling from a building is illegal so I rappel off pine trees. Many pines have no low hanging branches so I’ll climb 50 feet and rappel down. Pretty cool."