Assistant Professor of Marketing


BS, Pune University, India; MBA, Jamia Millia Islamia University, India; PhD, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Iteach marketing courses like Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, and Brand Management. I love to teach these courses because all of the marketing courses are exciting and provide knowledge that can help students in any business related career. These courses make students understand the importance of customer value and relationships.

In my class, I firstly focus on building relationship with my students based on mutual respect and trust. Then, I plan my sessions to be more interactive to keep my students involved by 1) asking a lot of questions, and 2) inviting the students to ask a lot of questions by keeping my discussions open and allowing them the freedom to express themselves. I believe that effective use of questions is a powerful approach to help students learn as it stimulates thinking. Also, I always try to make my sessions as interesting as possible by bringing in a lot of present day examples which students can quickly relate to. To enhance students’ interest, I also utilize hands-on activities that require students to apply the concepts discussed in class. Lastly, I believe teaching is a two-way learning process, one for the students and one for the teachers. A good teacher must learn constantly and I always remain willingly committed to do so.