Professor of History, Elizabeth Chisholm Chair of Arts and Letters


BA, Rutgers University; MA, PhD, State University of New York—Binghamton

Dr. Robert S. McElvaine is the author of ten books and has four more in the works. He is considered one of the world’s leading historians of the era of the Great Depression. His specialties include cultural and political history and sex and gender. He teaches courses in American history and interdisciplinary courses on segments of twentieth-century America. Currently he is completing a comprehensive history of America in the year 1964. He travels abroad extensively and teaches a course in Vietnam and Cambodia on the American War in Vietnam.

“Several of my passions come together in the classroom. I love to teach, write, and travel. I write in a conversational tone and consider my writing as teaching to a larger audience. In the classroom this means much interaction and discussion with students. My objective is always to talk not to students, but with students.

“What I write about often finds its way into the classroom, and most of my foreign travels produce insights that are useful in class. I also love music and film and these media are featured prominently in my classes. My courses on the Great Depression, the Forties and Fifties, the Sixties, and the Seventies and Eighties all utilize literature, films, and music and involve students in much discussion.”