Professor of Geology


BS, Wittenberg University; MS, University of Memphis; PhD, University of Mississippi

Stan Galicki came to the Millsaps geology department in 1993 after eight years in petroleum exploration with Unocal. His teaching responsibilities include courses in geology and the environmental fields such as introductory level Human and Natural Disasters and Environmental Science and upper level courses in Hydrogeology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Subsurface Mapping, and Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. He routinely teaches geology field courses in Yellowstone National Park, the Pacific Northwest, the Appalachians, and an Applied Ecological Design course in the Yucatán.

Galicki came to Millsaps to train future scientists. The problems facing 21st century humans are deeply rooted in the geosciences. Academia, the workforce, and regulatory agencies are turning to the geosciences to produce students with a firm foundation in the geosciences but who can also integrate biology, chemistry, and physics to solve problems. Solving global problems requires more than a science background; students must understand the relationship between geoscience and the cultural, economic, and political issues surrounding the problem. Millsaps does that.

“I believe that student learn best by doing and I like to keep the active. ” All our students complete a senior research project that includes field work, laboratory analysis or data processing, interpretation, and presentation. “The senior research project is one of the most rewarding programs for both the student and faculty that the department has to offer. ” Galicki’s research interests include paleoenvironmental interpretation, dendrochronology, and applied sustainability.