Graduate Tuition and Financial Aid

Making the decision to continue your education and advance your career is a significant one, and one that involves both time and financial investment. Millsaps is committed to helping you navigate through the process of applying for financial aid, both federal and state, and loans, grants, and scholarships. Contact us to get started!

Academic Year 2021-2022

Graduate Tuition  
MBA/MAcc Tuition $982/graduate hour
Comprehensive Fee $20/graduate hour
Note: Most graduate courses are 3 hours.  
Executive MBA Tuition $55,000 (full program)

Estimated expenses for full-time MBA and MAcc graduate students (based on full-time enrollment of 12 hours per semester) during the 2020–2021 school year are:

  • Tuition and fees—$24,048.
  • Books—$1,200.
  • Living expenses (approximate)—$16,126.

Annual Application Process for Scholarships and Loans

Annual applications are required for processing of graduate scholarships and/or loans at Millsaps. Please complete this information as accurately as possible and return the signed application to the Office of Financial Aid. The standard application is used for fall and spring academic terms. Use the separate applications for Winter session and Summer term scholarships and loans. The Financial Aid application process includes the following steps:


Scholarship Awards are made to graduate students who show an exceptional ability to succeed in the graduate business or accountancy programs. To apply or be considered for scholarship(s),  your application AND supporting documents must be submitted by April 1 for summer/fall term admission and October 1 for spring term admission.

If you have questions regarding any of the below, contact the Director of Graduate Admissions, 601.974.1256, or email

Dean’s Scholarships
This award is provided to 95% of our entering MBA and MAcc students. This award is distributed each term that the student is enrolled and significant weight is placed on your undergraduate GPA, GMAT score, and work experience. 

Coca-Cola Minority Scholarships
Each year 1 to 3 MBA or MAcc students are selected to receive this endowed scholarship. The award is based on merit and academic promise.

Allison Coggin Lee Scholarship
The Allison Coggin Lee Scholarship is the largest scholarship awarded to an MBA student. The candidate will have high academic achievement, work experience, proven leadership skills, and a commitment to ethical standards within the business community. In addition, the candidate is chosen based on exceptional aptitude for graduate business study, involvement in college and community activities, and GMAT scores. To apply: Submit an essay (500 word, double spaced) describing your career goals and how a Millsaps MBA will help you reach those goals. If selected to proceed to the second round you will be asked to participate in an interview. The deadline to apply is April 1. 

ELSE Scholarship
Charles and Eloise Else have endowed graduate business scholarships for the top scholars, awarded on the basis of merit. This prestigious award is made to promising scholars who display the highest degree of scholastic aptitude.

Harrell Freeman Jeanes, Sr. Scholarship
Each year this scholarship is given to a Millsaps undergraduate student continuing their studies to earn their MBA. 

Lois P. Reed Endowed Scholarship
The Lois P. Reed Endowed MBA scholarship was established in 2002 by the generosity of her brother, John D. Pilgrim and his wife, Anne M. Pilgrim. The award is distributed based on strong academic achievement and potential, preferably to a female student who studied at a liberal arts college located outside the state of Mississippi. In addition, the recipient would be preparing for a career in the field of financial services. 

Scott Schild Endowed Scholarship
This award is given each year to a student showing financial need and preference is given to a student wishing to participate in the Summer European Program offered by the Else School of Management. To determine financial need, applicants will need to complete the FAFSA. 

The Tellus Operating Group, LLC Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an MBA student each year. The award is given to a candidate based on merit.

James W. “Pete” Wood Endowed Scholarship
James W. “Pete” Wood scholarship was established in November 2000 in memory of Pete Wood through the generosity of family and friends. Mr. Woods served in the US Army during World War II as commanding officer of the 109th Finance section. After leaving the Army, he served as as the business manager of Millsaps College. Candidates for this scholarship must show financial need, so completing the FAFSA will be required.


Employer Assistance

Many companies will reimburse tuition in whole or in part to an employee who successfully completes courses that bear a relationship to his/her job. Contact your personnel or employee training office to learn your company’s policy.


Federal Direct Loans

Any graduate student who is enrolled for six or more semester hours during a term is eligible to apply for Federal Direct Loans. These loans require submission of a FAFSA and have both annual and lifetime aggregate limits.  They may include unsubsidized loans and graduate PLUS loans.

Student Alternative Loans

To fill the gap between financial aid and cost of attendance, graduate students may pursue Alternative Loan Funding.

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