Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

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The master of accountancy curriculum is designed to provide you with greater depth and breadth in accounting education than the bachelor of accounting or master of business administration degrees. Students with undergraduate degrees in accounting and students with degrees in fields other than accounting may pursue the MAcc degree, although students with little or no academic background in accounting or business are required to take additional undergraduate or foundation courses to qualify for the 600-level courses.


The MAcc program includes 15 hours of accounting prerequisites.* These prerequisites prepare you for advanced study of accounting. Completion or waiver of a prerequisite is required for advanced study. Generally, an undergraduate degree in accounting from an AACSB-accredited business school is sufficient to waive these prerequisites. Professional designations may also be accepted to waive the corresponding prerequisite courses. The following prerequisite accounting courses are required for the MAcc:

Course Number Course Name Hours
ACCT 581 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT 582 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3
ACCT 583 Auditing I 3
ACCT 584 Federal Taxation of Income 3

*Additional course work may be required for the student to sit for the CPA exam. Prospective students who intend to sit for the CPA exam are encouraged to visit the State Board’s website at for more information.

Required Coursework

MAcc students are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours in advanced course work (600 level) to include required accounting core and accounting elective courses. See the full requirements or view a list of courses

International Study

The Millsaps MAcc program has a long-established international study component. The European Study program is a three-week or six-week summer course of study conducted in such business and cultural centers as London, Paris, Munich, and Florence. During the semester break, after Christmas and before the spring semester begins, the MAcc student has a wonderful opportunity to study in Mexico at the Millsaps College mini-campus in the Yucatán.


Internships are encouraged and facilitated by the faculty of the Else School of Management. Internships are a cooperative effort involving the student, one or more Else School professors, and the student’s field supervisor. Together this group must agree upon terms of the internship as specified in the official internship registration documents provided by the registrar’s office. Activities of the intern must include legitimate academic inquiry and the student must be amenable to evaluation on that basis. Else School internships require the student to work in a meaningful capacity for at least 140 hours during the academic calendar of a single semester to receive three hours of graduate credit.

Information Sessions
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