Printing Overview

Students receive $15 print credit each semester. Once this credit has been used, students will need to purchase additional print credit at the library’s front desk.

View your PaperCut printing account here:

  • Double-sided/duplex prints are $.07 per page. Double-sided printing is the default on campus.
  • Single-sided prints are $.05 per page. Your $15 credit equals 300 pages.
  • You can buy $1 or $5 print cards at the Library using cash, check, or by charging your student account.
  • Balances remaining at the end of the Fall Semester can be carried over to the Spring Semester. Quota balances will not carry over to the Fall semester. Purchased print funds carry over, but there are no cash refunds for purchased print funds.
  • Your account will not be charged if the printer jams or runs out of paper.
  • Even if you cancel a job, it still may appear as though it printed, but you should not be charged. Check your recent print jobs in PaperCut to see what you have been charged.
  • Student organizations have special printing accounts for officers and are billed separately by Student Affairs. Student workers also have special printing accounts for work-related printing. Check with your supervisor for information. These accounts are monitored to ensure they are not being used for personal printing.

Printing to a Student Lab Printer

In an application (Word, Excel, etc.), click the print button and then click OK. Printing defaults to duplex (double-sided) printing. Single-sided printing can be selected by clicking Properties, then Printing Shortcuts tab, and changing the Print on Both Sides setting.

Then, the PaperCut Job Notification window opens showing the number of pages in the job and the cost to be charged to your account. If you are authorized to charge to another account select that account. Select Print.

Your print job will not have a cover sheet. Be sure to retrieve it as soon as possible.

Viewing Your PaperCut Account

Go to and login with your Millsaps username and password.

Or click on the Details link in the PaperCut account balance window.

In your account you can see a summary of printing activity.

You can also redeem a card to add printing credit to your account, transfer credit to another person, see a history of transactions and recent print jobs, and logout.

How to Use Print Cards

To add more printing credit, you can buy print cards in $1 or $5 increments from the library’s front desk using cash, check, or by charging your student account. Each card is a voucher or coupon with a unique number. Please make sure your card number is kept secret until use. Use cards immediately after purchase to prevent losing a card before use.

To add credit to your account using a card:

Log in to a computer.

Go to:

Enter your Millsaps username and password.

After logging in, click the Redeem Card link from the left menu.

Enter the number from the card. It should be entered exactly as shown on the card including any dashes (-).

Redeem Card Page

Click Redeem Card. The value of the card will immediately be added to your printing balance.

Click Summary from the left menu and check your balance to confirm the card’s value has been added to your account.

Note: The card is valid for a single usage only. The card should be recycled or disposed of after use.

Web Print in the Library

How to print from your laptop using Web Print in the Library:

Go to and login with your Millsaps username and password.

Click Web Print (located in the column on the left side)

Click Submit a Job

Select printer labeled mil-svr-prnt-01\mil-PQ-Library-01 and click the “2. Print Options and Account Selection” on the lower right

Note how many copies to print and click “3. Upload Documents” on the lower right

Click the “Choose Files” button and find your document

Click on the “Upload & Complete” button on the lower right

The print job will load on the Web Print screen

To print a particular print job, under Status, click on “Held in a queue”

On the Jobs Pending Release page, under Action, click “Print”

Your prints will be ready at the printer near the Library’s front desk

Guest Printing Accounts

All alumni and guest users may set up a PaperCut account and purchase print funds to print on the Millsaps campus.

Students, faculty, and staff login to PaperCut using their Millsaps username and password.

Instructions for alumni and guest user printing:

1. If you are printing in the Millsaps Library, ask someone at the library’s front desk to log you into a computer.

2. Create a PaperCut account here:

3. Fill out the form with your information.

4. You should receive a confirmation email.

5. Purchase print cards in $1 and $5 increments from the library’s front desk.

6. Redeem the print card using the instructions for “Using a Print Card” in this guide.

Request a Refund

If there is a problem with your printout (e.g., paper jam, low print quality) you can request a refund by logging into your PaperCut account details page:

Go to:

Click Recent Print Jobs, and use the Request Refund option for the print job.

You will be required to provide a reason for the refund request.

Once submitted, the PaperCut administrators will review the request and approve or deny it. This may take up to 24 hours and longer on weekends. If a refund is given, it will only be given as print credit.

How to Print Single Sided

Double-sided printing is the default setting, and this setting provides a 30% discount.

However, if you need to print single sided, you can change the settings to do so.

1. After you click “Print” and the print box opens up, click “Properties…”

2. Click the “Finishing” tab.

3. Uncheck the box “Print on both sides.”

4. Click “Ok”

5. Click “OK” in the print box

6. Click “Print” in the Print Job Notification (PaperCut) box