Millsaps Graduate Recognized with 2020 Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Scholarship

Lily Dorian graduated from Millsaps College on May 9, 2020, and less than two weeks later she was awarded a 2020 Dianne Komminsk Scholarship through the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance (MSA). Dorian was one of 10 winners out of 45 applicants from 29 institutions across the country.

“Being recognized for my work is extremely gratifying, as it can sometimes be tricky to stand out in the art world,” said Dorian. “Receiving a scholarship such as this one has given me the confidence to keep exploring.”

Through the scholarship, Dorian will receive free conference registration for the 2021 MSA Conference in Cincinnati, where her work will be included in an exhibition in the University of Cincinnati galleries. She will also receive a $1,500 honorarium and free membership in the MSA through December 2021.

A native of Alexandria, Louisiana, Dorian earned her degree in studio art with a minor in psychology. She knew that Millsaps was the college for her when she toured campus as a high school junior.

“When I toured Millsaps, I made a decision that I never second-guessed,” Dorian said. “Seeing the Bowl for the first time was like witnessing the soul of a campus with my own eyes. I could see myself walking, studying, and growing up here.”

Dorian’s time as a student affirmed the feelings she felt when she first visited campus.

“The four years that I spent at Millsaps were a culmination of incredible classes and professors,” she said. “I think back to a time when I was an overwhelmed freshman questioning what a liberal arts education even meant. I smile now as I recount the hours I spent in a statistics class or science class in Olin Hall, all while knowing art was my passion. I thank Millsaps for my well-rounded liberal arts education.”

While Millsaps made an impression on Dorian, she made her own mark on campus as well through her art.

“Lily’s current body of work focuses on touch using cast plaster hands arranged with various objects that evoke past memories and relationships,” said Kristen Tordella-Williams, associate professor of studio art. “Her delicate handling of materials including the use of found objects allow us to both see Lily in her work as well as our own past reflected. I couldn’t be more proud of Lily’s accomplishments and can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!”

Dorian’s artwork can be viewed on her website at

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