The Doctor You Call for More Information

March 27, 2020

For Emily Landrum, the importance of working on the front lines as a primary care physician is a family (and Millsaps) tradition.

Her grandfather, Leonard Brandon, graduated from Millsaps in 1948 and began a family practice in Starkville in 1954. Her father, Steven Brandon, graduated from Millsaps in 1982 and joined his father in the family practice clinic after medical school. After her graduation from Millsaps in 2011, the University of Mississippi Medical School in 2015 and the completion of her residency in family medicine, Landrum returned to Starkville to practice with her father. Together, they serve patients of various ages and conditions, and treat patients in nursing homes and hospitals as well.

“Primary care physicians are on the front lines of caring for their communities at many levels,” she said. “We’re the doctor you call when the news says, ‘call your doctor for more information.’ We are responsible for ensuring that our patients can be taken care of during this crisis, whether they have coronavirus or any other illness.”

In addition to her work with her patients, Landrum has been working with the Mississippi State Medical Association to produce videos for use on social media, with the goal of improving community knowledge about coronavirus. “The primary advice for now is to continue social distancing and practice good hygiene by covering your coughs and sneezes and washing your hands often,” said Landrum.

Millsaps is a common thread throughout the rest of Landrum’s family beyond the clinic. Her mother, Kathy, is a 1983 graduate and her husband, Alan, graduated in 2009. Landrum’s sister, Caroline, is a 2015 Millsaps graduate and her brother, Jonathan, is currently a Millsaps senior who spent his extra spring break time supporting modifications to the family clinic’s telehealth system.

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