William Carey University and Millsaps College Form Teacher Preparation Partnership

In an effort to prepare future teachers, William Carey University and Millsaps College have agreed to a new partnership that will enable Millsaps students to earn teacher licensure after graduation.

Participating Millsaps students will complete teacher preparation coursework and student teaching through William Carey University during their senior year and, if they meet all licensure requirements, will be recommended by William Carey University to the Mississippi Department of Education for licensure. Participants will then be eligible for full-time employment as teachers, and may pursue a Master’s in Education in the Art of Teaching (MAT) through William Carey University.

“This partnership gives both of our institutions the opportunity to reach our goal of producing quality educators for Mississippi,” said Dr. Ben Burnett, dean of the William Carey University School of Education. “We look forward to working with the faculty and students of Millsaps on this important mission.”

Dr. Robert W. Pearigen, president of Millsaps College, believes the partnership represents an opportunity for the two institutions to blend their strengths for the benefit of education in the state.

“Millsaps is committed to supporting our students who want to pursue a career in teaching and education, and our partnership with William Carey University is an important part of that effort,” Pearigen said. “In the long run, the ultimate beneficiaries of this work will be the students in classrooms around Mississippi and beyond.”

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