The purpose of Millsaps College Counseling Services is to enhance the ability of students to fully benefit from the academic and social opportunities available to them. Our goal is to help students develop personal awareness and life skills and aid them in overcoming personal problems. We hope to help students set positive goals that will direct them toward a life full of balance, harmony, curiosity, satisfaction and growth.

Our job is to support each student in integrating all learning experiences (past and present, academic and non-academic) into a clear sense of self and a meaningful philosophy and approach to life. To accomplish these goals, Counseling Services provides counseling and consultation services to all undergraduate and graduate students. We also provide brief counseling and therapy to help students confront personal and academic concerns as well as engage in personal exploration.

For more information on Millsaps Counseling Services, call 601.974.1227.

Basic Information

Making an Appointment

Counseling appointments can be made by calling 601.974.1227. You may also drop by the Office of Student Life in person to schedule an appointment. Appointments usually last about an hour for the first visit but scheduled for 30 minutes for future visits.

All counseling is offered free of charge, but students are expected to notify the Counseling Services in a timely fashion by calling 601.974.1227 when they are unable to attend counseling sessions. There is a $20 no show fee that is assessed to the student account for missing an appointment and not notifying the office.


To further enhance the degree of trust within the counseling relationship, it is important for all current or potential counseling clients to understand that what they share will be held in confidence. Information shared in counseling sessions will only be shared with someone else under the following circumstances:

  • If the client voluntarily fills out a release of information form specifying exactly to whom specific information can be released and signs it
  • If Counseling Services believes, as a result of information shared, that the client is in imminent danger of doing harm to him/herself or others or is in imminent danger him/herself
  • If Counseling Services believes, as a result of information shared, that abuse of a minor child is presently occurring, she is required by law to report such a situation to the State Department of Human Resources or a similar agency in another State
  • In the highly unlikely case that a court subpoenas the counselor’s records related to a client involved in a legal case, the counselor might be legally required to surrender them. (The counselor has never been required to do so, but it is a possibility which does exist.)

Individual Counseling

The majority of counseling done by Counseling Services is individual in nature. All people encounter problems and frustrations in their environments and relationships which interfere with their ability to live life as fully and satisfactorily as they would like. Most individuals can benefit from discussing these problems with an objective caring, supportive professional in a confidential setting. To this end, Millsaps provides counseling or therapy free of charge to its students for problems and concerns such as:

  • Relationships – family issues, relationships, conflicts, loneliness or shyness
  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Homesickness or other college adjustment
  • Communication – assertiveness training, help with speech anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Grief
  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Identity
  • Sexual/physical abuse or assault
  • Academic Skills Training – help with study habits, time management skills
  • Learning Disabilities – teaching organizational skills, referring students for evaluation.
  • Personal Growth
  • Other Issues

To make an appointment with Counseling Services to discuss these or other issues, telephone 601.974.1227 or drop by the Student Life Office and make an appointment.


Counseling Services administers several different types of tests/inventories free of charge to students enrolled at Millsaps. These tests and inventories can be of assistance in identifying problem areas, measuring symptoms of anxiety or depression, identifying other symptoms, evaluating study habits or reading skills, and engaging in self-exploration. Although no psychological tests are totally accurate, they can be of great benefit in prioritizing concerns and setting counseling goals. They are typically given as part of the counseling process. All testing results are considered confidential material and are kept in locked files unless the student gives written permission to release them.

Personality/Psychological Inventories, Questionnaires, and Checklists

  • IQ testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Learning disability assessment
  • ADHD assessment
  • PAI
  • MMPI-2
  • MCMI-3
  • State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
  • SCL90-R

Academic Skill Tests

  • Learning and Study Strategies Inventory
  • Nelson-Denny Reading Test

All requests for testing to identify learning disabilities or for extensive psychological testing are referred off-campus. Call 601-974-1227 for a list of professionals in the Jackson area.


Counseling Services is available to consult with students, faculty, and staff members of Millsaps regarding issues and problems that concern family members, friends, or significant others in their lives.

Many times college students find themselves concerned about the problems of roommates, friends, family members, boyfriends, or others about whom they care a great deal. These concerns can interfere with academic responsibilities, increase stress, and decrease one’s general satisfaction with life.

If you are in such a situation, sometimes talking with a mental health professional can provide valuable information regarding services and coping strategies.

If you’re worried about another Millsaps student, Millsaps counselors are also willing to contact that student (with your permission) to invite him/her to set up an appointment.