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Students who live in the residence halls at Millsaps College find themselves in the middle of campus life with easy access to their classes, the library, and extracurricular facilities. Residence halls are designed for traditional double style, apartment style, and suite style living. All rooms are designed for double occupancy, and each residence hall provides laundry facilities, snack machines, meeting space, and study areas for student use.

On move-in day for first-year students, Resident Assistants are available on each hall to help students acclimate to college life through programming, community living tips, and simply to answer any number of questions a student might have.

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We are excited to welcome you to campus in August! Below, you will find comprehensive information regarding move-in dates, times, and locations. On your designated move in day, you will receive a housing agreement, room condition form, private room agreement (if applicable), your Millsaps ID card and parking pass (first year/transfer residents only), and quick reference guides to on-campus and off-campus locations and activities.

Please read the below information and email housing@millsaps.edu with any questions.

Important notes:

  • Students who are authorized for early move in, including football, soccer, cross-country/track, and volleyball players: please see details below..
  • Due to Housing and Residential Life maintenance and cleaning activities, requests to move in outside of these outlined dates/times cannot be accommodated.
  • All students and parents will be emailed a move-in map prior to move in, which will outline building locations and entrances, parking, accessible entrances, and elevator locations.

Friday, August 20 – First-year students

Students may choose either the morning or afternoon time slot designated for their last name. You do not need to sign-up in advance, time slots are provided to foster social distancing.

Last Names (A-K)         9:00am-10:30am

Last Names (L-Z)          10:30am-12:00pm


Last Names (A-K)         1:00pm-2:30pm

Last Names (L-Z)          2:30pm-4:00pm

Students assigned to Bacot and Sanderson should arrive at their assignment through the North Campus Gate, accessed from the intersection of State Street and Riverside Drive. Check in will be held in the Hall Activities Center.

Students assigned to Ezelle, New South, John, Susanna, or Charles, should arrive at their assignment through the Windgate Campus Gate accessed from the intersection of West Street and Wesley Avenue. Check in will be held in New South Atrium.

*It is important that all first-year/transfer students should arrive to campus on Friday, August 20 to participate in Welcome Weekend activities, some of which are required.

Early Athlete Move-in Information:

Monday, August 9 – Football students only


Football students arriving early should first arrive to the Hall Activities Center (HAC) to check in with coaching staff through the North Campus Gate, accessed from the intersection of State Street and Riverside Drive. Staff will then direct students to the Boyd Campbell College Center to check-in and receive housing information. Students will then go to the Student Life Front Desk (3rd floor).

Monday, August 16 – Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country/Track students only



Students arriving early for athletics should arrive at the Boyd Campbell College Center through the North Campus Gate, accessed from the intersection of State Street and Riverside Drive. They should go to the Student Life Front Desk (3rd floor) to check in.

Residence Hall Checklist


Residence Life FAQs

Residence Life FAQs

View the FAQs as a PDF.

Can I mount anything (i.e. shelves, pictures, televisions) on the walls?
Posters may be attached to the walls. Mounting other items to the walls is prohibited.

I would like to loft my bed. Is this possible?
Due to safety concerns, students are not allowed to loft their beds. Students are permitted to use bed risers to gain additional storage space under their beds. These can be purchased at most home stores including Target, Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Is my room wireless accessible?
All residence hall rooms are wireless accessible. Rooms also have hardwired Internet connections.

What are the dimensions of the window in the room? Can I bring my own curtains or window dressings?
The window dimensions are listed on the room diagrams page. All windows come with mini-blinds. All curtains/window dressings must be removable and not affixed to the wall. It is suggested that curtains be hung with a tension rod.

Can I bring a rug? If so, what size?
Please consult the room diagrams page in regards to measurements for each hall. Rugs are allowed but cannot be permanently affixed to the floor. Rugs must be removed at the end of the year.

How big are the closets?
The size of the closet depends on your housing assignment. The set-up of each room provides each student his or her own closet space. Please consult the room diagrams page for more specifics.

Can we store our things at the end of the year?
Unfortunately storage space is unavailable during the summer break. Students must vacate their rooms at the end of the spring semester and remove all items prior to checking out with their Resident Assistant. There are many rental facilities in the Jackson area for students needing to store personal belongings.

Can we rearrange the bed, dresser and desk? Can the furniture in the room be removed if I want to bring my own?
Most rooms have furniture that is moveable and can be rearranged, but furniture cannot be removed or replaced with your own personal furniture.

What size refrigerator is permitted?
All refrigerators must be 4 cubic square feet or less. They can include a freezer top. The college does not provide or rent refrigerators.

What laundry facilities are available? What is the cost?
Every residence hall on campus has its own laundry facility. Students also have access to central laundry located in New South Hall. Laundry is free.

What type of security is in place in the residence halls and on campus?
Entry into each residence hall is restricted to those who reside in the building. Students gain entry via their student ID card. All doors are secured with magnetic locks. Additionally our halls are staffed 24/7 by trained Residence Assistants and a full time, professional staff member is always on call. Entry to campus is regulated by either ID card access or by a Campus Safety officer. Campus Safety is on campus 24/7 365 days a year and can be reached at 601-974-1234.

Do the halls remain open for Thanksgiving, the Winter Holidays, and Spring Break?
All residence halls close for the aforementioned breaks and students are expected to make other housing arrangements if they must remain in the Jackson area.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?
The only animal allowed in the residence halls is fish (5 inches in length or smaller) contained in small aquariums, no larger than 3 gallons. Service animals and emotional support animals are allowed. See more information and apply for permission to host an emotional support animal.

Are students required to live in the residence halls?
All students classified by credit units as freshmen or sophomores are required to live in the College residence halls. Rare exceptions may be authorized through the Office of Student Life. If you choose to live off campus, please consult the Financial Aid office, as it will affect your Financial Aid package.

Are there any policies or rules in place in the residence halls?
Students and their guests are expected to abide by policies established by the College and Board of Trustees. These policies are found in the housing contract, which every resident is required to read and sign, and in Major Facts, the college’s student handbook. Students should acquaint themselves with this information prior to moving in to the residence halls.

What happens if a resident’s belongings are lost are damaged in the residence halls?
The College does not assume responsibility for the loss of money or valuables or for the loss of, or damage to, personal property. It is recommended that residents contact their own insurance carrier for coverage to protect against such losses. Renters insurance is usually available through your insurer and is recommended.

Is smoking permitted in the residence halls?
All Millsaps residence halls are smoke free.

Is a Meal Plan required?
Yes. All students residing on campus must purchase a meal plan.

Are there any items that are prohibited in the College’s residential facilities?
Yes. The following is a list of items that are currently prohibited in the residence halls:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Loft beds
  • Space heaters
  • Candles
  • Pets (except small fish)
  • Fireworks
  • Street signs
  • Toaster ovens
  • Fire arms (BB guns, paint ball guns, etc.)
  • Hot plates
  • Cinder blocks
  • Personal mattresses
  • Incense
  • Electrical receptacles that screw into existing outlets
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