Student Body Association

The SBA exists to provide effective participation of students in college governance, to act for the students in matters involving the students’ interests, to help maintain a high quality of life on campus, and to work with the administration, staff, and faculty to build and preserve a learning community. Through our three branches of government, the Executive Board (Officers), the Student Senate, and the Student Conduct Council, the Millsaps Student Body Association provides the finest services to her students.

Student Life

Student Body Association (SBA) Officers, 2022-2023

Otis Kenner, SBA President

  • Chairman of the SBA Senate
  • Gives presentations and meets with the College’s Board of Trustees
  • Chairman of the SBA Executive Board
  • Serves as liaison between students and administrators
  • Contact:

Jack Sewell, SBA Vice President

  • Oversees student traditions (e.g., Fourth Night, eve of the seventh season)
  • Conduct elections for the student body
  • Oversees all committees of the SBA Senate
  • Contact:

Raj Agrawal, SBA Treasurer

  • Oversees the student organization fee allocation process.
  • Responsible for managing all budgets of the SBA
  • Works with the SBA advisor and vice president of finance to establish yearly SBA budget
  • Contact:

Amrit Kaur, SBA Secretary

  • Oversees all internal operations of the SBA
  • Runs the Millsaps Student Life Page on Instagram
  • Keeps minutes during all student body meetings
  • Schedules all SBA-related events
  • Contact:

Timothy Alexander, SBA Executive Director of Programming

  • Oversees Millsaps College’s Programming and Activities Council (PAC)
  • Oversees $80,000 budget for programming
  • Schedules events such as concerts, school-sponsored parties, comedians, and other activities to provide fun and stress relief for students
  • Contact:

Lidia Melaku, SBA Executive Director of Diversity Council

  • Oversees Millsaps College’s Diversity Council
  • Advises the Senate and Administration on all matters regarding diversity on campus
  • Schedules programming that promotes understanding and unity within our diverse student body
  • Contact:

The SBA is at its best only when we all get involved. Senate meetings are open to all students, Tuesdays at 7:30 PM located in Christian Center 122!

Our office is located on the third floor of the Student Center in the Student Life Suite.

Contact us at 601.974.1204 or email us at

Check out our Campus Activities Calendar on the email!

If you have any concerns about anything on campus, please correspond with your Senators, voice your opinions at our weekly meetings, or fill out this form so that we may quickly address any of your concerns.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @millsapsstudentlife to be updated with all campus-related fun!

Information on our Constitution/Bylaws or on the Millsaps College community may be found in Major Facts, the student handbook.

Funding allocation request form: can be found here!

Student Senate

The Student Senate exercises legislative power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the Legislature of Millsaps College, developing and sponsoring legislation for the betterment of the College. The Senate shall serve as spokesman for the Student Body Association on all matters of student concern.

The SBA is at its best only when we all get involved!! Senate meetings are open to all students, Tuesdays at 7:30 PM located in Christian Center 122!


Senators are elected at the beginning of the Fall semester. Senators serve for the duration of the school year; open seats are filled from appointments, by the President, and by a second election held in the second semester.

Senators represent the following constituencies: Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, and Senior Class.

Missing senate meeting: If you will be missing a senate meeting, please fill out this form here.

Student Conduct Council

The Millsaps Student Conduct System is not intended to mirror that of any court system. The policies and procedures used are not meant to resemble those in the criminal process. There is a fundamental difference in the nature of student discipline and that of criminal law. Student discipline is meant to maintain a positive living and learning environment. The process is designed to help students make positive choices for themselves, choosing self-responsibility instead of submitting to peer-pressure, and to challenge them to accept responsibility for any negative choices.

The Student Conduct Council exercises judicial power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students, including the power of sanctioning individuals; it is the Judicial branch of Millsaps College. The Student Conduct Council holds hearings and makes judgments towards the general policy of the Student Body Association; it has jurisdiction over student disciplinary cases.

Information on our Constitution/Bylaws may be found in Major Facts, the student handbook.

Student Body Association Bylaws and Constitution

Student and Organization Funding Allocation Procedures

If you would like to request money for travel expenses and organizational events, feel free to follow our simple Budgetary Guidelines:

1. The organization must be registered with the Office of Student Life in order to apply for funding. If it is not, email Molly Ross. Disregard this if you are applying for student travel funds.

2. To request funds, Fill out this form. at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

3. Once your form is received, you will meet with the SBA finance committee to discuss what exactly the requested funds will be used for (note that more detailed requests normally receive more money).

4. Then the finance committee will make a recommendation to the senate at the next SBA meeting and the senate will vote on the recommendation. You might be asked to come to senate in order to answer questions from the senators.

5. The organization’s leaders and the organization’s advisor will be notified of the amount given to the organization and instructions on how to access the funding.

6. If the organization needs more funding throughout the semester they can repeat steps 2-5.

SBA reserves the right to use judgment and discretion when allocating funding.