Millsaps College offers many opportunities for co-curricular involvement. Millsaps College currently has more than 50 registered student organizations. Student organizations provide our students a way to develop exemplary leadership skills, make a difference, meet new people, try new things, and have fun outside of the classroom.

Resources for Student Organizations

  • Organization Recognition Application.
    • All student organizations must register each academic year and submit your constitution, officer names, and advisor letter of support (stating they agree to advise your organization for the year).
  • On-Campus Event Registration Application
    • Use this link to request campus spaces and facilities (including the College Center tables).
    • All on-campus events must be submitted for approval from Student Life 2 weeks before the event date.
    • Late submissions will be considered, but spaces and services are not guaranteed.
  • Off-Campus Event Registration Application
    • All college-sponsored events happening off campus must be submitted for approval from Student Life 2 weeks before the event date.

Start a New Student Organization

Benefits of being a registered student organization/club: 

  • Access to reserve spaces on campus for events put on by your student organization
  • Ability to request event funding from SBA (Student Body Association)
  • Free advertising of your events in the Student Organizations Newsletter

Please complete the application before October 1st to start receiving the benefits listed above.

Requirements to create a registered student organization at Millsaps College:

1. The group does not duplicate an existing organization. Please visit the website for a list of existing organizations.
2. There are at least 5 Millsaps students interested in participating in the organization
3. The group does not organize under the sponsorship of an existing organization.
4. The organization must have an advisor who is a full-time faculty member or staff.

Steps to take:

1. Write a Constitution.

  • All organizations should include a non-discrimination clause in their constitution.

2. Find a Millsaps faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor.

  • You will need a “Letter of Support” from the faculty or staff member stating they are aware of their role as advisor and accept the responsibility of that role.

3. Complete the Organization Recognition Application.

  • Be prepared to upload:
    • Your constitution
    • Your advisor letter of support
    • The names of 5 interested members

4. Within 2 weeks of your submission, you may be contacted by a Student Life staff member to more information or edits to your organization’s documents.

5. You will be sent an official approval once your Student Organization Application has been reviewed.

Recognized Student Organizations

Student Organizations are classified into 7 categories including:

Contact Student Life at 601.974.1200 if you would like more information about a specific organization on campus.